The Filthy Thirteen: The True Story of the Dirty Dozen

The Filthy Thirteen: The True Story of the Dirty Dozen

Tightly bound to one another in times of war, unforgiving in the way they approach a battle, and legendary in their bravery, the story is told of the US paratroopers of the US 101st Airborne Division in The Filthy Thirteen.

Finding the courage to parachute behind enemy lines in the early morning in the thick of World War II, the Filthy Thirteen is a close-knit group of brawling soldiers who made their way to finding legendary status, not in the way they conducted themselves but how they got the job done.

The story is an inside, in-depth, firsthand account of World War II through the eyes of Jake McNiece, a highly esteemed member of the original Filthy Thirteen, who yet never made it Private First Class.

The Filthy Thirteen: The True Story of the Dirty Dozen takes you into the boots of a ruthless unit known for their hard-drinking, uncompromising behavior, and bad stench. Donning mohawks on their heads, war paint across their faces, and reckless courage in their hearts, this fearless unit was geared up with weaponry and bombs to fight tough, hard, and dirty. 

With the soul and the story of the Filthy Thirteen carried on through author and combat jumper, Jake McNiece, the book tells the inside story of how McNiece jumped—over three times, fought in the war, and marched into battle with the allies in order to conquer Nazi Germany.

Who is the author? Written by two decorated military, The Filthy Thirteen honors the story of author Jake McNiece, a combat jumper with a heart of courage. He was the inside look of the published work and a member of the US 101st Airborne Division. McNiece was a Private in WWII and fought with the allies to conquer Nazi Germany. 

The other author, Richard E. Killblane, was a graduate of the US Military Academy and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in History. He became an officer and Captain of Special Forces, a veteran of war, and is a published author who is now serving as the Transportation Corps historian.