Into The Viper's Nest: The First Pivotal Battle Of The Afghan War

Into The Viper's Nest: The First Pivotal Battle Of The Afghan War

"I set out then to report this story from many points of view - American and British, from soldier to general, from diplomat to president. It seemed to me that only by getting behind the scenes could anyone pretend to understand what was happening. And it seemed far better to understand one battle in its complexity than span a great history and learn nothing new."

When most people often run from the commotions of a decisive fight, war journalists like Stephen Frey run toward it. 

In his book, Into the Viper‘s Nest, Grey worked tirelessly to piece together the details of a narrative of ONE battle in all its complexity in order to tell the WHOLE story for readers to get thrown into battle alongside brave soldiers. 

In a dramatic retelling of the 3-day battle for the Taliban in Musa Qala, Into the Viper‘s Nest opens with the first crucial battle that took place in December of 2007. 

Following the story of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division, the ISAF—or the International Security Assistance Force—placed their faith in their soldiers against two thousand Taliban fighters. 

In hopes of acquiring the town of Musa Qala, Into the Viper‘s Nest takes you straight into the beaded sweat of the faces of the soldiers with the mountain of a task to invade and secure the town and their innocent.

Taking you into never-before-read details of the stories of the 1st Battalion of the Task Force 1 Fury, Grey honors this division in the best way he knows how—by telling their story. 

After months of occupation, the battalion heads Into the Viper‘s Nest with courage, tenacity, and a fire in their belly to fight for country, freedom, and safety of one another. As you then read in the pages that follow, this first push of hope quickly turns to a bloody battle in one of the most prominent first fights of the Afghan. 

Who is the author? A London-based journalist, author Stephen Grey worked for years as a foreign correspondent in Afghanistan, Iraq, and multiple other countries. Born in the Netherlands, Grey has won numerous media awards and is best known for his book, Ghost Plane.