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New Arrivals

The Airborne Times

The Angels Of Mercy

On 6 June 1944 the 2nd Battalion, 501st PIR was headed to on Drop Zone “D,” the southernmost Drop Zone assigned to the 101st. The Drop Zone was located just outside of the small village of Angoville Au Plain. It was here that two Geronimo Medics would become known as the “Angels of Mercy.” The 501st Paratroopers were dropped in the flooded fields occupied by the German 6th Parachute Regiment on counter-invasion maneuvers and surrounded by dense hedgerows. 20-year-old Corporal Kenneth Moore jumped from C-47 named “Round Trip” and was the last man to exit his aircraft at an estimated 300 feet. His parachute barely opened, and he soon found himself in water upon landing.

Private Robert Wright was the first 101st medic to jump into Normandy and landed about 500 meters away from Angoville. They made their way separately to reassemble in the nearby village, treating casualties along the way. They lost much of their equipment during the drop. They identified the most ideal aid station: the 12th-century church in the center of town. Soon Angoville Au Plain would be enveloped in intense small arms and mortar fire.

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The Atrocity at Graignes

Fate brought these villagers and Paratroopers together, and the shared traumatic events of the battle of Graignes forever forged a bond between the two parties that were previously strangers to one another. In all 32 paratroopers and 44 civilians lost their lives here, and it is this memorial and those standing here today and for years to come, that will continue to honor their ultimate sacrifice.

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Own your jump

But there can come a time in your career as a soldier where you start thinking about leaving. Maybe the deployments, field exercises, and weekend staff duties are just testing your family too much. You could personally be feeling the stress of the military grind and feel that for your own personal well-being you need to move onto something else. Or it could simply be that you feel complete in your military service and you are ready to pursue a new opportunity.

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