Rescuing The Wounded

On March 16th, 1966, as a medic assigned to the Recon Platoon HQ CO, 1st Battalion, 503rd Airborne Infantry of the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Specialist Alfred V. Rascon was maneuvering to help reinforce their sister battalion who was under pretty intense enemy fire, the Recon element also became a target. Fire from crew-served weapons as well as SAF and handheld grenades resulted in numerous casualties. SPC Rascon, completely ignoring the ridiculous amount of firepower being hurled his way, began to make his way to the wounded to provide some much-needed awesomeness. Upon reaching his first comrade, Rascon could tell he was in bad shape. So, in an attempt to save him from being shot any further, Rascon used his own body to shield his fellow paratrooper from the onslaught of rounds headed their way.

During his time saving countless men, he sustained numerous shrapnel injuries, a wound to the hip multiple gunshots as well as a wound to the face. All this aside he still managed to retrieve a machine gun that was left behind, save multiple lives via dragging the wounded out of combat as well as shielding men a handful of times with his body to protect them. Rascon never stopped to try and provide or ask for aid to himself, and only received it once the enemy started to retreat.

Legend has it they did this out of sheer terror that Rascon himself was unstoppable and would likely kick all of their chests through their back if given the opportunity. For being a total badass and caring for his brothers through thick and thin with complete disregard for his own life, Specialist Alfred Rascon was awarded the Medal Of Honor on February 8, 2000. He would go on to serve as a medical officer in Afghanistan and Iraq.