First In France

Posted by WETSU Airborne Community

June 5, 1944, England - Captain Frank Lillyman commanded the 101st Airborne Division’s pathfinders. These were the guys who jump in before the main push, as a means to mark drop zones and terrorize the dreams of the enemies. Lillyman received top-secret orders from the division commander, Major General Maxwell D. Taylor, that D-Day was good to go. Following the orders, he told the sergeants to get the men ready and then quickly burned the message. Captain Lillyman approached the door of the C-47, his signature stogie between his lips, a power move that increases one’s lethality triple-fold. Alongside this, he was wearing his white leather gloves and a Tommy gun strapped to his left leg which could be found just above his M-3 trench knife, useful for inflicting hate and discontent upon any Nazis naive enough to allow Lillyman within arms reach. Lillyman would become the first American to leap into the darkness over Normandy.