Medic Creed

My task is to provide to the utmost limits of my capability the best possible care to those in need of my aid and assistance.
To this end I will aid all those who are needful, paying no heed to my own desires and wants; treating friend, foe and stranger alike, placing their needs above my own.
To no man will I cause or permit harm to befall, nor will I refuse aid to any who seek it.
I will willingly share my knowledge and skills with all those who seek it.
I seek neither reward nor honor for my efforts for the satisfaction of accomplishment is sufficient.
These obligations I willingly and freely take upon myself in the tradition of those that have come before me.
These Things I (We) Do So That Others May Live.
Combat Medics never stand taller than when they kneel to treat the wounded!
Saving Lives in the midst of utter chaos!