About Us

In order to celebrate our present, we are compelled to commemorate our past.

And at WETSU, we know how to do both—while also creating inspiration for our future. 

Inspirited to create gear that genuinely represents the paratrooper within, WETSU was founded to symbolize, strengthen, and unify past, present, and future members of the Airborne forces.

____________How We Began:____________

After noticing there was no single community or brand that did all that:

equipping us, and just us, with gear that celebrated more than our stories—

we decided to create one for ourselves.

We are Airborne. We know—better than anybody—what it feels like to land firmly on the ground. But before WETSU was set to launch, we decided that instead of building things securely from the ground up, we would let ‘em fly. 

We knew that in the sky, WETSU would have more room to grow. 

Then it began. We designed, organized, and launched a total commitment to, confidence in, and construction of a community fit for those of the Airborne’s past, present, and future.

At WETSU, we thrive off of community feedback and deliver a place to commemorate those of our present and share access to never-before-seen footage and pictures of paratroopers’ past. 

____________Why WETSU?____________

We aim to represent an entire community.


That began with WETSU,” a phrase from our past that we brought back to life to unite brotherhood in a whole new way.


Used by the 11th Airborne as a jump cry, paratroopers of all backgrounds yelled “WETSU” before bringing chaos to the enemy below.


____________Our Mission:____________

WETSU aims to uphold paratrooper history while also outfitting the current community with the right tools and equipment—items made by us, for us. 

From simple morale items to heritage-based gear to engineer daily wear items, we hope to equip Airborne not only with the equipment we need but with a community where we can truly belong. 

Honoring the past. Inspiring the future. Outfitting the Present.